Student Attendance System

Student Attendance System


Student attendance administration is a critical content of the administration of school/college/university students [1].The traditional scenario of tracking student attendance in the classroom is done by obligating the students to physically mark the attendance sheet that goes around the classroom while a course teacher is delivering the speech. For example, a course teacher with an extensive class may notice the bother of having the attendance sheet being passed around the class and the physical marking of attendance by students are oppressive and no doubt occupy them from instructing and getting complete consideration from the students [2]. The main focus of this paper is to introduce the application of Smartphone in attendance system. Nowadays Smartphone is very common to all the teachers so that they can easily take attendance and process the attendance where it needs. The main benefits of this system is that the teacher can get computed percentage, can print hard copy with details attendance information, can save data in phone database as well as save data to remote server database which ensures that the information will never lose, can use the data where it needs. Fig. 1 shows the proposed solution of student attendance system where a course teacher takes attendance via Smartphone and then the Smartphone application process the data and also teacher can save the data in the web server as well as phone server.


In order to enhance attendance tracking framework, scholars chipped away at the change from the alternate point of view. Zhang et al. [3] is with the assessment that attendance administration is overlooked by current instructive organization administration framework, concentrating just on record administration, training design, course administration, and so on thus they established attendance administration framework utilizing VisualStudio.NET and Oracle. Mohamed et al. [4] outlined a unique finger impression gadget that is utilized as a part of unique finger impression attendance framework.

Students check their essence by putting their finger on the gadgets sensor. But this framework has a lack of feasibility because finger print scanner can’t always detect at the first time. The NFC-based applications rearrange different human everyday exercises by just touching a thing settled or coordinated with NFC tag. For example, Smart Touch is one of the early NFC ventures that spotlights on NFC innovation which was composed by VTT Technical Research Centre Finland; applications in different zones were produced under this venture, for example, mobile compensation and ticketing, savvy publication, attendance framework for schools, home utilize, family unit get to control and security, blood glucose meter, and so forth [5]. In [6], a robotized attendance administration framework was executed both in electronic and portable stage utilizing stationary grid AR 400 RFID reader with four circulatory polarized antennae and Symbol MC9000-G hand held RFID reader separately. But the system is highly expensive. Soewito et al. [7] proposed an attendance system using finger print and GPS technology through smartphone. The system is time-consuming as it used finger print technology. The system is able to collect data but can’t generate .pdf or .xlsx file. Noor et al. [8] developed a system for the students attendance automation. In this system, each students have a ID assigning a barcode which is read by the smartphone application. In this system, one students can carry the ID of the others which will mislead the attendance system.


The Smartphone-based Student Attendance Systemusing mobile application improves automated recording of student attendance in school/college/university. With a specific end goal to framework plan, various Smartphone-based strategies and systems have been implemented. Related research on the framework improvement and testing were additionally studied to give direction in assessing the system while taking the reasonable approach in planning the proposed framework. Our proposed framework comprises of three fundamental modules namely the Mobile application, Database module and Web server module. Those modules are integrated together to get the desired result. Every module conveys its own capacities and unique elements. The system block diagram is outlined in Fig. 2, where principle parts are depicted. A.Mobile Application The mobile application provides all the facilities of the system of Smartphone-based Student Attendance. The application provides a user interface which communicates with the course teacher and helps to take attendance. Then it can be saved in phone SQLite database as well as in MySQL database simultaneously. The MySQL database is placed in web server which ensures the remote store of attendance. By using this application user can calculate percentage automatically, print details of the attendance, send SMS, and send an email.B.Database and Web Server A database is characterized as a composed gathering of data. Our database is utilized to particularly store the data gathered by the mobile application. In addition to more features to the clients, our online framework can operate the recorded student attendance record by inquiring the database. This incorporates computerized operation, for example, condensing a specific student attendance by figuring the attendance rate for a unique course. The web server provides the facility of MySQL database. The server is the remote store of attendance record. Only the mobile application can communicate with the web server. The application can update the MySQL database and can retrieve data from web server. If the loss of data occurs user can restore from web server MySQL database. An instructor may alter details of a student yet a student is not permitted to do any alteration to their information.


A.Taking Attendance and Percentage Calculations Every student attendance against each course is set apart on the premise of stay in the class. If stay time in the class ties with the required time, then attendance is denoted as ‘Present’. The attendance of students who were out of class during a class hour is marked as ‘Absence’. There is no chance of duplication record in the system. The percentage calculations are performed automatically by mobile application for every student in each registered courses in order to check his/her performance to attend in the examination. If the calculated percentage is less than the required percentage then the student will be suffered.

B. Emailing System and Messaging System In the case of low percentage, an e-mail is sent to student’s guardian including the percentage details as well as a warning. By this, the students’ parents will be automatically updated about his /her child’s progress. For sending Short Message Service (SMS), the mobile application is used. Whenever the student acquires a low percentage, an SMS is sent to his/her guardian to update them about their Child’s Progress in case they are not able to check their email.


martphone-basedStudent Attendance System will significantly develop the conventional procedure of student attendance framework in a university/college/school surroundings. Smartphone-basedStudent Attendance System is a computerized information accumulation technology, which leads to more precise data entry. The stored student attendance data are framed and investigate inevitably without any loss of data, compared to a traditional recording method. A course teacher can easily monitor the attendance of students which may develop the excellence of instruction because the fewer time required to collect and process data. Implementing the system in educational environment helps the user to identify attendance, proxy attendance, calculate percentage etc. SMS and Email messages are sent via the system automatically to inform parents so that they can get notified about their child’s progress in the institution.