Smart Intelligent System for Women and Child Security

Smart Intelligent System for Women and Child Security


The misbehavior against children and women are increasing rapidly. They are under the threat of easily being kidnapped. In modern India, women continue to face social challenges and are often victims of abuse, violent crimes and harassment [1] [6]. At the same time children’s security has always been a priority problem whose solution must constantly be improved. Since the prediction of such incident is not possible hence to minimize the possibility of physical violence (robbery, sexual assault etc.) by keeping all the help tools ready to safely escape from violent situation. This reduces risk and brings assistance when needed [2] [8]. This project focuses on a security system that is designed solely to serve the purpose of providing security and safety to women and children so that they never feel helpless while facing such social challenges.. II.EXISTING SYSTEMSA.Smart Girls Security System This system designed for providing security to women in the society so that they never face physical harassment. The system is designed by GSM shield (SIM 900A), alarm (APR 9600), GPS, ATMega328 Board, power supply unit and pressure sensors [3]. B.Mobile based Women Safety Application Many android based app has been developed for women security in the societies for providing emergency help. Some of them are VithU app, Fight back app, Stun gun app etc [4]. C.RFID –GSM imparted school children security system The main aim of this system to provide safety for school children. In this system sensors like obstacle and range detection are placed on the front surface of the bus so that collision should be avoided on road. Each student is having unique id. Two counters are used in this system, one at entry point and another at exit point. Wireless communication technology is used to inform the parents and staff regarding the status of bus [5]. D.Society Harnessing It is a electronic circuit which is designed by three engineers from Chennai. This circuit is having a power of generating 3800kv current for help the victim to escape. It can also send different types of 82 shocks in case of multiple attack. The user is not affected because fabric used is bilayer. It can also send emergency messages to relatives and parents of victim [3][11].


To solve the security issue with respect to women and children, we have come up with an effective idea, keeping all the loopholes in reasoning. So the system to be designed is thus: A portable device which will have a pressure switch. As soon as an assailant is about to attack the person or when the person senses any insecurity from a stranger, he/she can then put pressure on the device by squeezing or compressing it. Instantly the pressure sensor senses this pressure and a conventional SMS, with the victim’s location will be sent to their parents/guardians cell phone numbers stored in the device while purchasing it, followed by a call. If the call is unanswered for a prolonged time, a call will be redirected to the police and the same message will be sent. Additionally if the person crosses some area which is usually not accessed by the person then a message with the real time location is sent to the parent/guardian’s phone via conventional SMS.

A.GSM800 This GSM Modem can accept SIM card of any GSM network operator and act just like a mobile phone. That mobile is having unique phone number. Advantage of using this modem will be that we can use its RS232 port to communicate and develop embedded applications. Using this technology Applications like messgage Control, data transferring, remote control and logging can be developed easily. GSM/GPRS MODEM is a class of wireless MODEM devices that are designed for communication of a computer with the GSM and GPRS network. It requires a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card just like mobile phones to activate communication with the network. Also they have IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number similar to mobile phones for their identification [9]. A GSM MODEM can perform the following operations: •Sending, receiving and deleting of messages. •Adding, reading and searching phonebook entries of the SIM. •Making, Receiving, or rejecting a voice call.

B.Pressure Switch A pressure switch is a form of switch that closes an electrical contact when a certain set fluid pressure has been reached on its input. The switch may be designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall. In our system we have used SPD005G component for functioning of pressure switch.

C.Microcontroller Arduino It’s an open-source physical computing platform which is having a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment where we can write code for the board. Microcontroller arduino can be used to develop interactive objects, taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors, and controlling a variety of motors, lights, and other physical outputs. In our system we have used Arduino UNO microcontroller [13].

D.GPS The term GPS stands for global system positioning. The GPS system comprises of a fleet of satellites that orbit the earth in a geo synchronous manner. In order to determine a location on the earth’s surface, minimum three satellites are required. The functions of these satellites are to accurately triangulate the exact position based on the latitude longitude imaginary lines [7][10]. In addition to giving the location of a GPS receiver on the earth’s surface, GPS also gives other parameters such as altitude, speed, course, number of satellites communicating and so on. GPS is a multiple – satellite based radio positioning system in which each GPS satellite transmits data that allows user to precisely measure the distance between the satellites and antenna to compute position, velocity and time parameters to high degree of accuracy. GPS delivers with high sensitivity and accuracy with low power consumption.