Real Time Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System

Real Time Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System

1)Real time vehicle tracking on the web page using GPS/GPRS/GSM SIM900A module and Raspberry pi: SIM900A Module which gets interfaces with the Raspberry pi gives the real time tracking information of the vehicle such as longitude, latitude, speed, time of the vehicle. That information taken from USB interface get stored into the database and further sends to the server. The system gives tracking provision on web page for registered user only as follows: A)Super Login: In this provision, the vehicle’s owner can track the vehicle in his Smartphone using Super Login on the web page. Hence only owner can access this login. B)Primary Login: In this provision, the registered students can track the school vehicle in their Smartphone using Primary Login on web page. Hence only those students who get registered into the system can access this login. C)Secondary Login: In this provision, the student’s parents can track the school vehicle in their Smartphone using Secondary Login on the web page. Hence only registered student’s parents can access this login.

2)Vehicle’s right and wrong path tracking algorithm using Smartphone: The proposed system provides more safety and secure solution using android application for wrong path alert. The vehicle owner’s Smartphone having an android application that provides the information regarding selection of particular path from A to B through which the vehicle supposed to travel. And hence driver drives the vehicle on the path that decided by android application of owner’s Smartphone only. At first vehicle’s owner trace the decided path A to B on android application that gives longitude and latitude of that particular path. Then android application saves that longitudes and latitudes of traced path in a particular file format such that owner can send that file to the raspberry pi database using Bluetooth or USB port. And hence the proposed system can process further on that data. Now whenever driver drives the vehicle on the owner’s decided path i.e. A to B, GPS/GPRS/GSM SIM900A module inside that vehicle sends the longitudes and latitudes of current location to the raspberry pi through USB interface. Now using file system programming, the current longitudes and latitudes received from GPS of GPS/GPRS/GSM SIM900A module get compares with the longitudes and latitudes received from android application. Hence if this comparison gives less tolerance then we can say that driver drives the vehicle on the right path i.e. A to B else if there is large difference between longitudes and latitudes then system sends alert message on the vehicle owner’s mobile that the vehicle is on the wrong path using GSM of GPS/GPRS/GSM SIM900A module

3)Vehicle tracking information database monitoring system using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP): The vehicle tracking system works upon an algorithm in which, real time information of vehicle such as Longitudes, Latitudes, Speed, Date, and Time get store into the database of Raspberry pi using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP i.e. LAMP system. The GPRS of SIM900A Module will sent this vehicle information to the server, and at server side, updating and storing of this vehicle information takes place dynamically which make easier for monitoring and tracking a vehicle at real time on web page using web browser on Smartphone which gives more accurate result of current location.

4)Students Safety mechanism using temperature Sensor and LPG gas detect sensor: The proposed system takes care of the children’s safety by using LPG Gas leakage sensor and temperature sensor. The temperature sensor DS18B20 which works on the 1 wire protocol gives a digital output hence can be get directly interface with the Raspberry Pi. The threshold value of the temperature set in the program. If that threshold temperature value gets cross by output value of the temperature sensor due to some reason then alert message will be sent to the vehicle owner’s Smartphone. Also the LPG Gas leakage sensor get interface with Op-amp LM358N which gives a digital output. That output voltage can be controlled by using current limiting resistors which helps the Raspberry pi’s GPIO from damage. Likewise both sensors output driven through Raspberry pi would get compare with threshold values and if limit crosses then the alert message will be given to vehicle owners mobile using GSM of SIM900A module. In following results, the threshold value set at 30 Degree Celsius.


1)Testing of DS18B20 Temperature sensor using Raspberry pi: The sensor testing and their results are taken as follows: As temperature sensor DS18B20 works upon 1 wire protocol, the sensor gives digital output data whenever receives input voltage from raspberry pi and it get stored in file system of raspberry pi. Using file system programming, the sensor data get easily access and processed further for giving alert message. Here while performing sensors testing, major issues need to be considered namely: •Raspberry pi’s GPIO are compatible at 3.3V logic level so sensors output needs to be limited at this 3.3V logic level. •Devices required in the proposed system needs to be selected as per Raspberry pi’s GPIO and other interfaces logic level compatibility. •The input voltage and input current driven through power supply to the Raspberry pi needs to be selected as per specified logic level.

2)Testing of Gas Sensor MQ6 using Raspberry pi: The Gas sensor MQ6 gives output as it receives 5V input. So whenever the sensor sense LPG gas it gives analog output which then given to LM358N Op-amp gives digital output. Then the digital output has driven through limiting resistor and further given to raspberry pi. The calibration of results of the output voltage has been taken using potentiometer. Hence by checking the raspberry pi’s GPIO pin status, the sensor output data used for giving alert message of leakage gas to the vehicle owner Smartphone

3)Testing results of GPS module using Raspberry pi: Now in the further development, we take the tolerance between this separated current vehicle information like longitude, latitude, speed, date, time from GPS receiver and the information received from android application of owner’s Smartphone so as to provide wrong path alert to the vehicle owner.