Design of Automated Toll Collection System

Design of Automated Toll Collection System

Arduino Mega R3 2560: Arduino Mega R3 2560 is the microcontroller used for the project. The Arduino Mega R3 2560 is a board based on the ATmega2560 microcontroller. It is the most important component of our system all processing takes place in these block [8]. Different microprocessors and controllers are component of various models of Arduino. The board supplied has many pins that can be used to interact with various appliances and boards.

It comprises of a programmable circuit board and an integrated development environment to write the code and add the code to the circuit board afterwards. For a constructed feature or a particular task, Arduino can be coded. The Arduino has a USB port for connecting to the laptop and uploading programs to the laptop. Arduino also provides a dedicated Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to compile and upload our Sketch (Program) to the board based on the Language Processing project.

RFID Reader:A RFID reader is a tool used to gather data from an RFID tag to track individual items. This low-cost MFRC522-based RFID reader module is simple to use and can be used in a variety of applications.Performance of an RFID system depends on several factors such as the orientation of tag, the material of the item to which a tag is attached, and the environment in which the system operates [9].RFID tags contain a distinctive code that distinguishes the vehicle class that passes through the tariff port.The RFID tag is inserted in the vehicle.Every vehicle has a distinctive identity that can be readily identified by the RFID reader. On the other hand, the RFID reader reads all RFID tags to get their unique ID numbers, and the Arduino is programmed to recognize only some RFID tags, enabling only registered tag cars.

Servo Motor: A servomotor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator enabling accurate angular or linear position, acceleration speed and control. It is an appropriate position feedback engine in combination with a sensor.Motor driver is an IC which is used to drive the motor [10].We also use it to pull up and down the toll square’s passing door. It is an engine with 3-pin energy, cable control and hardware mounting. It is rotating at 180 degrees.

LCD Display (16*2): An LCD is an electronic screen module that uses liquid crystal to create a visible picture. This 16×2 LCD display is a very fundamental module that is very frequently used in various systems and circuits.The job of LCD will be to display all the system generated messages coming from the controller [10]. These modules in various sections are preferred over 7 sections and other LEDs. There are two registries in this LCD, Command and Data. The LCD command register primarily stores the instructions provided to the LCD while the information register allows the information to be displayed on the LCD.