Need of blood is drastically increasing. Per annum we require 5 million blood units and only 5 million blood units are available. This is the major drawback in case of emergency blood required some patients have daily need of blood those suffering from cancer. Even though the technology is developed still we fail to bring blood donors and recipients on the common platform. Accidents cannot be predicted. Code Shoppy There may be blood requirement at any moment so direct communication between donor and user becomes necessary to avoid longer time span in the availability of blood [1]. Basically user/patient needs to send the request with required blood details from database data will be fetched and notification will be send to the respective blood donor.


A.Block Diagram of Proposed Scheme The proposed work explores to find blood donors by using GSM modem and raspberry pi based system. In this system, it consists of android application, GSM Modem, raspberry pi kit. In android application, the person who wants to donate blood needs to register so that his information will be stored in the database. Application display three different screens such as Register, Query and about us screen. Donor needs to register his/her details such as Name, Gender, Address, Blood group and Mobile number. In query section patient needs to select required blood group and current address. Whole system is implemented using raspberry pi kit. Whenever there is requirement for blood then patient will enter required blood group details. Then that information will be fetched from database and SMS will be send to the donor directly on his number which is stored at the time of registration. Hence there will be direct communication between donor and patient [4].

B.Android Application In proposed system, android application is designed using MIT app inventor MIT App Inventor is a visual programming USERFORMAT MSGGSM UART RPI DECODE DATACOMPARE DATAWITHDATA-BASESEND MSG QUERY based environment. App Inventor is an open-source web application for android which is originally provided by Google, and maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is provided with graphical user interface, it allows users to drag-and-drop visual objects for creating an application [5]. Fig.2 MIT app inventor C.Proposed System Flow 1.Person/donor who wants to donate blood needs to register his details 2.This details will be stored in raspberry pi system database 3.User in need of blood will have to select required blood group and current address 4.Corresponding blood donors information will be fetched and displayed on screen 5.Patient needs to select donor and send SMS option on the screen 6.SMS will be send to blood donor directly through GSM Modem Registration Searching Data Providing Data Fig.3 Proposed System Flow Chart