An Integrated Courier Services Application

An Integrated Courier Services Application

Abstract—There are numerous courier services available locally or worldwide. However, the most services only applicable at their respective company’s whereby the pricing information is often hidden and customers usually need to call the company or visit their respective website or application to get quote, then make a price comparison with other company’s courier services quotes for them to get their preferable quotation. This could be very time consuming mainly due to the inflexibility services whilst with certain terms and conditions apply only customers able to enjoy the door-to-door delivery service. Hence, the main objective of this project is to integrate a few of the courier services price and information in one stop whilst providing a low-cost peer-to-peer service to assist customer in delivering their parcel. The application will be able to generate the quotes of all the selected courier services in one application to ease the customer and enable a price comparison for each of the selected courier services company. The usability study was conducted and analysis of respondents’ feedbacks shows positive interest of having this application and would opt to use the low-cost peer-to-peer services. With Parcel2Go Mobile Application, the problem of inconveniency of the customer and the inflexibility of services that have in the current courier services will be solved as this application will ease the people who wants to deliver their parcels.

Keywords—Courier Services, Price Comparison, Low-Cost Peer-To-Peer Service, Mobile Application.


A courier company is one which delivers messages, packages and mail is recognized got their speed, security, tracking service and specialization [6]. Today, with the advancement of technology by ensuring that the customer will receive the right mail on time, the Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been implemented in the postal and courier services process to improve the delivery process efficiently. Courier services operate on all scales, which are from town to town, district delivery services and worldwide service. Among the courier companies consist of DHL, GDEX, UPS, FEDEX etc. The delivery pricing must be competitive and adaptable where it is also easy to use and reasonable rates to the value of goods, weight of goods, in addition the distance of delivery [4]. A right pricing plan shall be automatically provided to the confidence of the customer [7].

Therefore, courier services to-day could be also defined in such a way that the trust between courier services as a business partner that logistic services e- commerce by improvising the performance of e-business from the business side with delivering important parcel. For Malaysia, to develop courier service management more competitively, there still needs to do a continuous learning and research. It is to understand the type of products that are profitable in addition not handling with the continuous modification in the nature of business based on the e-commerce environment irrespective of their scopes deal with challenges in facing with the technology advancement from a business partner [2]. Hence, a constant change is need to be made to gain competitive advantage in e-commerce business environment, services and operations, and customer where the only determinant of the courier service industry is no longer only the price [8]. The relationship between both the courier and logistic services companies have some symbiosis relations where the courier service providers and customer such e-commerce enterprise will use the logistic service repetitively [4]. The logistic management strive to boost competitive enhancement by carefully assimilating the core functions inside the organization to other business. Whilst with the outside operations of supplier activities, customer prerequisite and other network members should be connected effectively with the business partner. To express it in another term, the outcome of the customer perspectives will be resulting a good organizational performance with business partners like courier services companies as a CPL to e-commerce enterprise [9]. Logistics are not limited to manufacturing operations solely and it is applicable to all types of organization for instance to serve e-commerce enterprises [10]. Certainly, all the enterprises particularly in the retail industry, large organization, small and medium enterprises could relate to the logistic management [11]. Apart from that, the collaboration in the courier service offers multi-innovative features and require a long time to build a friendly alliance in courier service and business partner [4].

Hence, the need of flexibility in services to meet the wants and demands of e-commerce enterprise companies is vital for the courier service providers. From here we can observe that how the performances of e-commerce enterprises could positively be affected by the courier services. New demands in the courier services have been formed due to the rapid development of ecommerce enterprise in network. For instance, e-business’s customer who has demanded the different which simultaneously provide a service which is value-added in courier services are increasing. Formerly, the conventional method of its standing made it hard to seek for services to meet these new needs. Thus, the development of e-commerce enterprise which can improvise the position of courier service providers in the forthcoming as relevance is analysed, where it is also impactful for the economy development in Malaysia especially. In the era technology of the desktop PC the web browser was the main method of access to these resources; however, everything has changed due to the explosion of smartphones and tablets. In spite of every handset being equipped with a mobile browser, users are instead choosing to use apps for various common functions such as downloading and consuming music and videos, and reading news [12]. According to Angeles [13], the prime benefit is that the mobile users are able to access to the regular website. It could obtain all the same elements as what they contain in the regular version of the website for instance its design and content of the pages and it features a mobile friendly layout that offers improved readability and functionality when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. There are quite a number of similar mobile applications exist in the Google Play and AppStore but only three standard applications namely ezyCourier, FastFast and eCourierz. Although these applications have similarities, they do not have a functionality whereby both the price comparison of domestic courier services and a peer-to-peer delivery service is also provided in one-stop application


A.System Architecture There is an important task is to identify through the experience of the ecommerce and an average person who will be involved with the study that wants to send a parcel to another party. Then, the development will integrate the price rating of certain domestic courier services in one stop and meanwhile provide a low-cost peer-2-peer courier service to ease both online seller and an average person. There will be a two-way communication which involves both parties who is the customer and the Par-cel2Go personnel as shown in Fig. 1. Whenever customer wants to deliver their parcel, they will first need to send a delivery request and it will be process through the web-server and store in the database before the Parcel2Go personnel could receive the customer’s request. After the personnel had received the request from customer, the personnel will need to give a confirmation to the customer.

Confirmation is then again go back through the web server and stored it into the database before customer received the confirmation. There are two type of users which will be accessing the difference of contents and functionalities. For instance, the customer can access the content of sending a delivery request whilst the Parcel2Go personnel have the functionality of viewing a list of delivery request whether to accept or reject. Fig.1. System Architecture for Parcel2Go Mobile Application B.System Design Despite the fact there is a similar existing application that already exist in market, however there are still certain loopholes whereby the online business seller and courier service user find the inconveniency in them when comes to delivering parcels. There-fore, the Parcel2Go Android Application that has been proposed is to improvise the existing apps in such a way that the dilemma and the inconveniency that the courier services user is facing could be solved. The snapshot of the activity diagram as shown in Fig. 2. It shows the flow of the application. The application involves three parties such as customer, system and Parcel2Go personnel. Both the customer and personnel will need to use their registered email address to successfully access to the application. After the customer has login to the application, the customer is required to create a new delivery request. After that, they need to enter their delivery destination and the system will help to calculate the quote rate based on the details keyed in. Subsequently, the customer is able to view a list of quote rate from different courier service provider. If the customer has chosen the Parcel2Go Delivery service, they could view and accept their delivery confirmation and subsequently the system will generate the One Time Pass (OTP) code for the customer. The customer will need to send the OTP code to the receiver. The system then now will update the customer delivery status to “Pending”. The personnel now could receive the delivery request and choose whether to accept the delivery request. If the personnel have accepted the request delivery, the system will now then update the customer delivery status to “Accepted by Driver”. Once the personnel click on the “Item Pick Up’ button after picking up item from the customer, the system will then again update the delivery status to ‘Delivering”. After the personnel has delivered the item to the receiver, it will then need to request OTP code from the receiver to be enter into the receiver address page. The system subsequently will verify the OTP code and update the delivery status to “Completed” whilst it could be view by the customer. Meanwhile for the personnel side, it will also prompt a notification showing that the delivery service has been completed and personnel will just need to click on “OK” button.


Courier services applications are widely used in the era of rapid technology advancement. The developed applications, Parcel2Go has become important for people who frequently want their items to be delivered, especially for people who are conducting online businesses. The application be able to generate the quotes of selected courier services in one application and enable a price comparison services. The conducted usability study analyse of respondents’ feedbacks shows positive interest. The integrated courier service application implements the concept of service innovation to solve inconvenience of courier service users of getting quotation and the need to travel to post office to drop their items. With the Parcel2Go Mobile Application, the system generate the quotation from different courier services whilst matching up people who needs parcels to deliver from their doorstep to another and people willing to help them and earn while travelling.